Are you looking for patterns for your collection? Do you want a perfect garment?

Look no further!

Form and fit are my speciality. If you are looking for a fit for a special need or want your brand to have a dedicated fit, I can help you with that.

You can contact me at hello@hariito.be

At age 12, I already knew I wanted to to ‘something with clothes’. And yes, I did dress up my dolls but also cut off their hair and altered their body shape.

Life does not always lead you on the ‘right’ path, so I did not study fashion or anything related. Instead, I tried al lot of things, like assistant director for movies, sculptural design and ended up having a diploma in family sciences.

Somewhere along the road I learned how to sew and took a few courses in pattern making. I loved doing that but it was really hard to find a job as a pattern drafter. But designers did found me and I started drawing patterns after work.

I want to share my passion with you by making patterns you can use to make your own best fitting lingerie. Check the LINGERIE tab to go the part of the website dedicated to making your own beautiful lingerie.

Or I can make whatever you dream of but can’t make yourself.